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Name: Sanjoy Bhattacharya
Presently Working In: KPMG
It has been a great experience for studying MBA with specialization in Finance from Institute of Business Management and Research (IBMR). Throughout the two years I got a lot of opportunity to learn various aspects of Management, especially in the field of Finance. The faculty members of IBMR are very co-operative and helpful. I would like to thank each and every faculty members for providing me all the important knowledge regarding Management and finally I would like to thank IBMR for providing placement in KPMG, which is one of the Big 4 Audit Firm. It was one of my memorable moment when I got placed in KPMG. Surely IBMR has provided a good platform to me to start my Corporate life with a big Brand.
Name: Sayoni Ghosh
Presently Working In: KPMG
I feel very lucky for getting the opportunity for being a part of this college which not only helped us in shaping ourselves into better human beings but also provided us with a better platform to start our career and shine further. The college did made it easy for us to reach the brighter horizon by helping us to start our career being under the umbrella of the well known audit concern, KPMG.
Hence I take this opportunity to thank all those respected persons who has helped us in making all those college days fruitful with their support and encouragement.
Name: Rahul Mazumdar
Presently Working In: KPMG
It is with utmost pleasure with which I declare that I have been obliged for being a part of this esteemed institution. An institution which not only landed us a great career prospect in a firm like KPMG, but also helped in carving out a better individual, retaining the ability to cope with the so called struggling, complicated environment.
Kudos to all the faculties who constantly nurtured and guided us to near perfection in studies and management.
Name: Amlan Chatterjee
Presently Working In: TVS Group
I, Amlan Chatterjee, am proud to be a student of IBMR,because it is this institute for whom I am right now.IBMR for me stands for (I)nstitute that (B)elieves in (M)aking a difference, by taking (R)esponsiblity.
I am indebted to my institution for all the successes ,I have achieved in my career.I had got placed in TVS Group,from this institution only.
Name: Priyojit Biswas
Presently Working In: Land-Marine Engineering and Port Solutions LLP (Operation Manager)
Name: Arpita Ghosh
Presently Working In: KPMG
With heart full of joy and respect I would like to declare that I am obliged to be a part of our Institution, where we not only collected a degree or just attended lectures but also have build a strong student teacher relationship which indeed helped all of us to achieve a great success in our career.
With the help of the institution and under the constant guidance of our professors we succeeded to get a respectful job at the starting of our career at a firm like KPMG.
I would like to give a BIG THANKS to all the teaching and non teaching staffs out there at IBMR, KOLKATA for all your supports
Name: Saswata Kumar Bhattacharya
Presently Working In: Century Plyboards (I) Ltd (Senior Sales Executive)
IBMR values education over everything else.
Name: Abhishek Sarvadhikari
Presently Working In: HSBC
IBMR wonderfully nurtured my skills and understood my needs. Apart from the faculties, various in-house grooming sessions were immensely helpful in developing my career.
Name: Arijit Maity
Presently Working In: Lafarge India Pvt. Ltd. (State Head Customer Service)
I,Arijit Maity have passed in 2007 batch. IBMR Provided me quality education. Currently I am working in Lafarge India pvt ltd as state head customer service.
Name: Rupam Mondal
Presently Working In: Medica Super Speciality Hospital (Marketing Associate)
I, Rupam Mondal, was in 2012- 2014 MBA (Full Time) batch. Currently working in medica super speciality hospital as a marketing associate. IBMR is very structured and good enthusiastic management professionals. The faculties are excellent and supportive

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