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Industrial Tour at Goodricke Tea Estate, Mirik

Tea Estate, Mirik, Darjeeling


  • The students of IBMR went to Goodricke Tea estate at Mirik. The purpose was to gain a hand on experience in the production life cycle of tea processing. The students of IBMR went there with senior faculty members. It was an awesome experience for the students to interact with the corporate people and learn the nitty-gritty of corporate world. After the tour the students submitted a detailed report under the guidance of respective Faculty.

Industrial Tour at Thacker Dairy, Mourigram

Thacker Dairy, Mourigram, Howrah


  • The students of IBMR went to Thacker Dairy to get an exposure in the corporate world. The Dairy industry in India is in maturity stage. The Dairy has different types of milk product. The students enjoyed every moment they spent at the Dairy. They asked questions on different avenues of management and documented the response they got from the officers at the Dairy. After the tour the students submitted their report showcasing their hand on experience they learnt at the Dairy.

Industrial Tour at Keventer Agro, Neelgunge

Keventer Agro, Neelgunge, Barasat


  • Last year the students of IBMR went to Keventer Agro, which we all know is a behemoth in the business world. The students were accompanied by senior faculties. Mainly they learnt how the manufacturing process goes on in the Industry. The students had a seminar with the senior management people. The students submitted a detailed report after the tour. This tour helped some of them to get a foothold in the corporate world.

Industrial Tour at Rourkela steel plant, Rourkella

Rourkella, Orissa


  • Students of IBMR went to Rourkela steel plant with some of the senior faculty members. The main takeaway of this industrial visit was that students gained an insight into the various activities of the plant. Students learnt how the manufacturing and marketing activities went on in the plant. The officers also briefed them about the career opportunities at the plant. Students interacted with various official in key positions and quenched their thirst for knowledge. It was really an enthralling experience for the students to grow as a future manager.

Industrial Tour at Vizag steel Plant,Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh


  • Students of IBMR visited to Vizag steel Plant Industrial visit which is included as a part of their course curriculum. This industrial visit helped them to bridge the gap between corporate world and the management theory which they learnt during the course. This tour helped them to be more employable. This helped them to face any hurdles they might encounter during their career as manager. The students rapaciously went for information and documented them.